02 PHOKA’s vision is: To provide products and services that fully satisfy Customer and regulatory requirements. Management is responsible for ensuring that this vision is communicated, understood, and implemented at all levels of the organization. All employees are expected to perform their responsibilities in accordance with applicable quality requirements, and to strive for customer satisfaction and continual improvement. Maintaining an atmosphere of integrity and responsiveness is one of the most important attributes of the work environment. All employees are encouraged to openly express all concerns for the service and the product quality of 02 PHOKA’s items and services.



Our mission is to build trustworthy relationships with clients that emphasize on speedy delivery the best services and top quality products. We as 02 PHOKA want to assure our customers that they will receive only the best customer service every time around. 02 PHOKA is also striving into build a large customer list by keeping all our customers satisfy we know they will rely on us for every project to follow. In increasing our customer number we can assure ourselves with better bargaining power when it comes to buying and this will give you our customer the benefit.