Legal requirements

02 PHOKA is registered close corporation at CIPRO.
02 PHOKA is registered for income tax at SARS wit reference number 9123/588/17/1.
We are also in process of registered for VAT and PAYE.

legal rwquirements

The document flow on customer invoicing will be as follow:

eneral manager

The accounting officer will make sure the customer is always in good standing with SARS and all other legal entities required.

Organizational structure and beneficiaries

  • 02 PHOKA will only employ skilled workers that passed a standard interview.
  • 02 PHOKA is managed by the member with a total of more than 20 years work experience.
  • The company is intended to employ a human resource manager to handle all our labour.

Background of member


EM Mofokeng

Qualifications: 2006 Damelin Diploma

Store and warehousing

Work Experience: In several fields from 1990.


02 PHOKA’s General manager defines the overall quality and promotes a culture of conformance to requirements, customer satisfaction and continual improvement.

Affirmative action and empowerment

02PHOKA has a BEE certificate. This process is also been driven by our accounting officer.